Before our full launch in the UK why not try some of the wonderful produce we are unearthing on our quest to discover the world's best producers.

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cultisan's vision

We're on a journey to make you fall in love with the world's finest farmers and makers and to make it easy for you to choose for a delicious, fairer food future.

Why do we exist?

Cultisan is driven by a deep belief that it is possible to provide convenience to people without resorting to factory farming or the industrialisation of food and wine. It's not easy, which is why it hasn't been done, but it is possible.


Eat local, globally and unearth the stories of the lives of the greatest people farming & making the best food & drink in the world.


Eat local, globally and discover the truth about what is in the food we eat and why we need to support the best makers & sustainable regenerative farming with the highest ethical standards. It tastes better.

free for farmers, makers & chefs

Cultisan will never charge a farmer, maker or chef to be part of our platform - sadly many organisations claiming to be a voice for the best farmers and makers in the world can't say this.

It doesn't make sense to us to charge the people you want to help, our principle will always be if you want to help someone, put more money in their pockets. 

We have a truly open, independent and incorruptible platform and we choose who we work with based on the quality of what they do, without favour or preference.

We simply work with the best people making the best products.


The reason we exist. Inspire & enable the world to eat local, globally creating a new, fair, food economy. Better for the consumer, better for the farmer and maker.

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